How to crack the password in linux
How to crack the password in linux


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How to crack the password in linux

Here I am providing a password cracking method for RHEL……

  1. Switch on your system
  2. Press any key or upper arrow key as soon as the booting starts you will see Name of your operating system press ‘e’ it means edit.
  3. Now you will go to the next screen where you have to go to the second Line which starts with “kernel” then press ‘e’
  4. Now a new screen will appear this time you will press ‘1’ it will enable.The maintenance mode (single user mode), then press “enter” to come out.
  5. Now press ‘b’ on that same line it will boot.
  6. Now you have to type ‘setenforce 0’ after that you will type ‘passwd’

Now you can change your password

After that either you can restart your system or you can continue from.

There just type ‘init 5’ there are 7 run level from 0 to 6. ‘init 5 ‘ is one of them.

Now we know that how to crack our system’s password. We should know that How to make it secure. We can set a password even for this process so if Anybody tries to do it he will be asked for the password at the time of editing on the GRUB menu.

 Set boot loader password

You need to be logged in for this process as a root user

  1. We are trying to set password for GRUB menu, so we have to make changes in Boot loader file which is inside    ‘boot/grub/grub.conf’
  2. Now we know that where we have to make changes but we don’t know that what all changes we have to make so.
  3. Type command  ‘grub-md5-crypt’ press enter. It will ask you for password type any password. After that an encrypted key will be generated you need to copy that key.
  4. Now you have to type ‘vim /boot/grub/grub.conf’  it will open that file Where we need to make changes.
  5. Once that file is open, type ‘password –md5 key’ this key is the encrypted password which we generated in “step 3”. Remember that you have copied that key in the step 3 now you need to paste that key after ‘password –md5’
  6. Now everything is set if anyone tries to crack your password he will be asked for the password (which you gave in step 3) at the GRUB menu.

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