Creating Partitions !

Hello friends, I’m NIKHIL JAIN from GRRAS SOLUTION PVT. LTD. and I’m here to introduce another feature of linux which is how to create any partition in linux from hard drive. In linux, if we want to create partition then we have to login with ROOT user because NORMAL user not have authority to deal […]

How to crack ROOT password?

Good Morning Students,  I’m Nikhil Jain from Grras Solution Pvt. Ltd. I’m here to introduce the beauty of Linux because linux is secured Operating System in comparison to others and as you heard that in linux, ROOT user is super user in linux and root user have all authority to do anything in linux but […]

Some commands on your tips!!

In Today’s world of IT , Linux has come as the master of all operating system , so powerful , so natural , so skillful , so many commands and for this a administrator who wants to be a knowledgeable and skillful should have a basic hand in all different linux operating systems. Today , […]

Shell Scripting Delving deeper: Tutorial 1

In this series of blog we will try to delve deeper into shell scripting, starting from the basics. Shell scripting helps to automate tasks of repetitive nature and is a boon for system administrators. Shell Scripting is the combination of Linux/Unix commands with the various control structures (like if condition, for loop & while loop) […]

Permissions to make your data secured !!

Hi readers, This world is full of attackers and everyone wants to fetch your personal data anytime. So it needs that your system has to be secure, as you want. For that I am going to discuss about some basic permissions which you can apply on your files and folder/directories and make secure your data […]

Job Scope OF Administrative jobs in IT SECTOR !!

A business or an industry or a company or a functioning unit demands a variety of proffesionals to ensure proper functioning of an organisation in an aim to achieve its business goals. Different departsments of an organisation perform desired tasks – Marketing, sales, branding , promotions , logistics, customer support etc. Which contribute together of […]

Cloud Computing

Hello friends, I am Shivam Sharma, Linux trainer at Grras solution (P) ltd. In this blog I am sharing some basic knowledge about Cloud Computing. I hope that it will help you all to understand that what is cloud computing actually.   What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing has been defined by the U.S. National […]

Redhat acquire IT automation tool-Ansible

Ansible is a free platform for configuration and management of computers. Its a combination of ?multi-node software deployment, configuration management and ad hoc task execution. It manages nodes over powershell & needs Python to be installed on them. for more, visit : Oct 20, 2015