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Become a Ethical Hacker/Penetration Tester– What, How and Why?

Most of the Students are very curios to learn hacking or to become hacker in just some days and they think learning small tips and tricks or hacking some random email id will make them hacker or penetration tester but in read it is not a single day process at all, it requires time, efforts and skills.

Hacking is not a rocket science… it just needs dedication, strategy and hard work.

There was a time of 80’s and 90’s when movies were showing the culture of a hacker, their personalities and their lifestyles. Sometimes they have been shown like a hero but the other time like a villain.

I ask a Question; “Why do you want to become a hacker and why not a Penetration Tester?”

Media has created this mentality to become a hacker but not a security professional, and most of the times people say it sounds good be a hacker.

I got a lot of emails and also messages on Facebook where people asks me “Please teach me hacking” “how to become hacker?”

This Question is not very easy to answer, since hacking is not an art which can be mastered overnight or in a month. It requires knowledge, skills, and dedication.

What kind hacker do you want to become?

White Hat Hacker – Get Permission to break into a company’s network to find and patch vulnerabilities

Black Hat Hacker – Compromise Computer System and get data for Personal Gain

Grey Hat – breach into the Company’s Network Illegally but do not have any malicious intent and notify the public about the security holes.

Skills to Become a Hacker/Penetration Tester:

  1. Knowledge of Different Operating Systems (Windows, MAC, and *nix)
  2. Networking
  3. Programming

However, you do need to be an expert in any or each of the fields. But you should have basic knowledge of various branches of computer.

Any degree related to computer science is highly recommended. Apart from computer science, engineering degrees like telecommunication and electronic are also a good option, these degrees can enhance your networking and hardware skills.

The Bottom line is that, you need a particular skill set, it does not matter from where you acquired those skills.

Responsibilities of a Penetration Tester:

  1. Safeguard computer networks and systems, monitor them for breaches.
  2. Create disaster recovery and auditing policies and plans
  3. Research new cyber threats and their countermeasures
  4. Check applications for bugs and rewrite code to fix them

Intangible Skills:

Never Give Up.

To become a Penetration Tester if to never give up and focused on achieving your objective.

“You only fail when you accept your defeat”

Best way to become a Hacker:

If even you’ve got the suitable education, now what, have you become the hacker?

The answers is a big NO

Challenges just starts from here at this point: To become the master, you need to be very clear with your goal, you need to dedicate your time, and dedication and willingness to learn new things and also you need to start from the very basics.

You will have to master the basics to build a strong foundation.

There are many books in the market from which you can start or you can start with some basic courses like

  • RHCE (Linux OS)
  • N+ or CCNA (Networking)
  • CEH (Ethical Hacking)

Be focused; plan your action to achieve the objectives.


No no no, This is not enough to become a hacker. If you read and forget then you will achieve nothing;

Be focused to your goals, learn new technologies and try to implement them.

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