How to crack ROOT password?
How to crack ROOT password?


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How to crack ROOT password?

Good Morning Students,  I’m Nikhil Jain from Grras Solution Pvt. Ltd.
I’m here to introduce the beauty of Linux because linux is secured Operating System in comparison to others and as you heard that in linux, ROOT user is super user in linux and root user have all authority to do anything in linux but by this blog, you can crack root password or hack account of ROOT user.
Step-1. when your OS selecting the kernel in starting then there is an option for editing by pressing “e” button on keyboard by which you can done editing in between booting process and also able to crack password of root.
Step-2. When you’re in editing mode by pressing “e” button then there’s a coding on screen. When you have to go down in coding then there’s a line which started by “linux16/”. In end of this line, you have to write “rd.break” and press “Ctrl + x” by which booting will start again and give a command line interface where you can run further commands which is required to crack password of root.
Step-3. On command line interface, you have to write command-
mount -o remount,rw /sysroot
-> By this command, you’re going to remount with read and write permission on “/sysroot”.
-> In this command,”-o” option is used for give option for remount.
Step-4. chroot /sysroot
-> By this command, you get an interactive shell with special root directory because you want an interactive shell on which you can easily run command to change password of root.
Step-5. passwd root
-> This is command for changing password of any user so you’re going to change password of root.
Step-6. touch /.autorelabel
-> By this whole command, you have to make sure that all unlabeled file ( like “/etc/shadow” ) get relabeled during boot.
Step-7. exit
-> Now by write “exit” on command line by which you can exit from interactive shell.
Step-8. exit
-> Now again you have to write “exit” on command line interface by which you can exit from command line interface and booting process will again started with new root password.

By these steps, you can crack root password easily.


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